Regen Bee Propolis Max


Bee propolis contains an active ingredient called Artepillin-C (ARC), an antioxidant which has been found to have extremely potent anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-fungal, hepato-protective, anti-inflammatory, immunomodulatory and anti-ulcer activities.

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Recent research conducted by Japanese scientists found that ARC has anti-cancerous effects by inhibiting mitoses and significantly reducing the number of newly formed vessels within the tumour. It is abundant in amino acids, antioxidants known as bioflavonoids, vitamins, minerals and enzymes.

Propolis has been used for centuries to enhance the immune system, treat various skin conditions, aid in preventing cancer and treat viral infections such as genital herpes. Bee propolis contains anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties that have the ability to enhance and improve the immune system. In particular, it is thought that the bioflavonoids in propolis work to block the release of histamine, which works to develop the efficacy of the immune system and obstruct the formation of many common illnesses.

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Medicinal Ingredients: (per capsule)
Bee Propolis 70% Extract 500 mg

30 Capsules per bottle



Adults: 1 capsule daily taken orally

  1. Sherley Hart

    believe this is good value for money and is reputed to
    have some antioxidant, anti bacterial and antiviral qualities.
    Since the product is engineered by bees (from pollen), allergic
    reaction might be a concern for some people, and for the same reason
    it would be unwise for children to take it.

  2. Ms Candis Gordon

    My boy friend and I took 3 caps per day for 3 months, and it fixed (or reduced) our lung problems.

  3. mrs Helen Steffler

    Bee propolis has become my arthritis ally. I used to rely on painkillers, but now, I find relief naturally with these capsules. The inflammation has decreased, and I can finally move without constant discomfort.

  4. Louise Beaudry

    Parents liked it. Costco used to carry bee propolis, but no longer does, so we started getting this from Regenhealthcare

  5. mr Frank Thompson

    This stuff works great as a mild antibiotic, it helps with sore throats and skin cuts. I hate taking pills but gel caps are very easy to swallow.


    I feel Regen Bee Propolis improved my immunity over the course of time and I feel a lot stronger now

  7. Mr Reg Templemen

    My GF has asthma since 6 years old, after taking bee propolis for 5 months, the asthma symptoms are almost reduced or very light. (She takes 2 caps/day now).

  8. Mrs.M.Coates

    Shingles took a toll on my well-being until I found relief in bee propolis. Its anti-inflammatory properties eased the redness and swelling, while its antiviral effects helped combat the underlying cause. Incorporating bee propolis into my daily routine was a turning point in my battle against shingles, offering comfort and promoting healing.

  9. Mrs Linda Windross

    I had running nose during the night and early morning which bothered me a lot. After a severe cold last year, I got breathing problem sometimes in the midnight. After taking bee propolis for several months, my breathing problem and running nose are gone. (Running nose sometimes still happens in the early morning, but no more in the night)
    Highly recommend people with lung disease to try this supplement,

  10. Mrs. Gail Weber

    I have bought this the third time. And I use it together with my husband. I didn’t be sick through this year any time. Didn’t cough, didn’t have fever. It work like the antibiotic, but natural.

  11. MR. Robert Rutherglen

    I’ve been taking the Regen bee propolis for about 60 days and I am very happy with the product. I normally catch every cold or flu that goes around the office or gym and I have successfully managed to stay healthy! bee propolis has been a regular part of my diet for about 2 months and it was much more affordable and realistic for my lifestyle to have it in capsule form. 

  12. William Timmins

    No odour, no aftertaste and easy to swallow. I’m not sure about its efficiency but I do think it is beneficial and will keep taking it.

  13. MRS Diane Dykeman

    Bee propolis is a game-changer! This natural supplement has boosted my immune system and helped me fight off seasonal bugs. I’ve noticed a significant improvement in my overall health since I started taking it. Plus, its antioxidant properties leave me feeling revitalized. Highly recommended for anyone looking for a natural immunity boost!

  14. Michael Grainger

    Granular propolis caused tummy ache. No aches have been noted with the pills.

  15. Valerie Peters

    Guess the smell is normal, maybe its fermented


    Happy with the quality and price of these.
    They gave me no side effects whatsoever and I’m really intolerant of most supplements.

  17. Garry Eisner

    Significantly reduced stomach issues I had for many years

  18. Mrs Liz Grey

    Arthritis used to control my life, but since I started taking bee propolis, I feel like I’m back in the driver’s seat. These capsules have significantly reduced the pain and stiffness, allowing me to enjoy activities I thought were impossible before.

  19. Mrs. Audrey Zimmerman

    Shingles disrupted my life until bee propolis became my saving grace. These capsules offered holistic relief by not only alleviating the physical symptoms but also boosting my overall immune function. With bee propolis by my side, I felt empowered to take charge of my health and reclaim my vitality. It truly made a remarkable difference in my journey towards healing.

  20. MRS Catty Perry

    Very nice quality package for the supplement also Regen delivers very well. taste is good (no taste pill). the company is very known…so no concern about product! i think it is good supplement for the diet and good for improvement and composition.

  21. MR Ivan Pearce

    Arrived on time. Very good for immune system, protects from colds and flu, thank you.

  22. Jerry BISHLER

    Bee propolis is my daily shield against cancer worries. These capsules are packed with antioxidants that help my body fight off harmful cells. With bee propolis, I feel like I’m taking proactive steps to stay healthy.

  23. Eddy Neeve

    This vitamin product is a great choice for enhancing your energy levels and promoting overall vitality!

  24. Diana Hayes

    Fresh, very nice quality. You can feel the strong specific taste and smell of propolis. Very good product to keep you healthy.

  25. Glenda Sumka

    These pills were great for while I had a sore throat.The pills helps me to gain back my health over the span of a week. There was no unpleasant taste with the pill and they were not too large.

  26. Beatrice Horn

    Don’t send me any more this Bee propolis item. Please !
    I have “5 bottles” Bee propolis already.

  27. Mrs Gisela Buchanan

    Thank you very much for this product, it suited me, I like the packaging, comfortable and stylish, I will order more of these products, and recommend them to all my friends and relatives! Good.

  28. Mrs Lori Van Doorselaere

    Living with arthritis was a daily struggle until bee propolis entered the picture. These capsules have been a game-changer for me, providing relief from the constant pain and swelling. I’m grateful for the natural support bee propolis offers.

  29. Mr Joe Stacey

    I saw it for a few years now. I really like it. The smell is like a raw propolis…that’s I don’t like to take because it is too strong on the mouth but on caps it is perfect. I use it for support my immunization system and for my kids too. Also when we got cold, I use it as natural antibiotic.

  30. Judy Smith

    Love this product, gives me extra much energy all day

  31. Mr Adjei Boateng

    As someone with a weak immune system, I’ve tried numerous supplements to prevent getting sick while traveling. Bee propolis is by far the most effective one I’ve found. I no longer worry about catching a cold .

  32. Mrs . Carolan Curtis

    I took this when my running nose got worse Regen products are good, this one is effective, good quality. 

  33. Mrs Donna Ellins

    I have arthritis and joint inflammation, I hope bee propolis work as it as  anti-inflammatory properties , I’m still taking this product.

  34. Mr.Dwayne Sininger

    This is my second buy of it. I bought 5 bottles this time and gave them to my relatives with seasonal allergies

  35. MR JS Dubin

    Dealing with shingles was a nightmare until I incorporated bee propolis into my treatment regimen. Its natural healing properties provided much-needed relief from the pain and itching, allowing me to focus on recovery. Bee propolis has become an essential part of my shingles management plan

  36. mr. victor Savoie

    Nothing to say Happy with my order thank you Regen 

  37. Emelita Stocker

    I suggested my father to try it, and he loved it, he found this product very helpful for his blood sugar and blood pressure, I bought him 6 bottles.

  38. Katherine Wolf

    No idea if it is helping but got it at a friend’s suggestion and, at least, causing no harm… Breathing issue seems better but it is also summer and outside more.
    So who knows. Very little ‘fact’ with the product but cheap enough to give it a try.

  39. Jeannette Tracey

    That’s so effective, I love it

  40. MRS. Lisa Galve

    Taking this for allergies and sinus, have started for almost 4 weeks but did not notice any effects yet, will be patiently taking it for a longer period..

  41. Melva Horn

    Loved the product, helped me a lot. Now my whole family takes them.

  42. Doreen Buckingham

    It was ok, not strong dose,so I have to take 2,to get the results that I want!

  43. Phyllis Disher

    I added this capsule to my collection of immune system boosters. It has bee propolis that is anti bacterial and could help for chest colds and cough.

  44. Mrs. Emily Chase

    I started taking it, I noticed a difference in my energy levels and overall vitality. With 30 servings per bottle, I had a steady supply of this powerful extract to support my immune system and overall well-being.

  45. Mr. Scott Moore

    I rely on bee propolis to lower my cancer risk. Its potent antioxidants help neutralize harmful free radicals in my body, reducing the chance of cell mutations. Incorporating these capsules into my daily routine is a simple yet effective way to prioritize my health

  46. MR ROY Howard

    It’s ok. Bought it because i heard it helps with seasonal allergies but I haven’t felt the difference. It tastes a bit weird too before you swallow it.

  47. Christa Woolcott

    I can say with confidence after trying a lot of different remedies that Bee Propolis has helped with controlling my cold and flu

  48. Marianna Ames

    It was ok.

  49. Margaret McDonald

    It’s been a month. Can’t tell any benefits.

  50. Edris Daley

    Good item

  51. Gerry Lubanszky

    It seems that the immunity has been strengthened and it helps with my breathing problem.


    The quality and ingredients is just what i am looking for . everyone says this is a natural antibiotic and its anti inflammatory. the smell is acceptable for me and there is no after taste. usually when i feel i am going to catch a cold or sore throat i will quickly take one capsule. this help to slow down the cold and sore throat from being full blown .

  53. Lynne Prevost

    It’s the original and it’s very good

  54. Sigrid Niemi

    Helped me a lot.

  55. Ms. Heather Borushynski

    The quality and ingredients is just what i am looking for . everyone says this is a natural antibiotic and its anti inflammatory. the smell is acceptable for me and there is no after taste. usually when i feel i am going to catch a cold or sore throat i will quickly take one capsule. this help to slow down the cold and sore throat from being full blown .

  56. Mrs Lea Hynes

    My chiropractor is also a nutritionist and recommended bee pollen supplements to help boost my immune system during this COVID issue and he was right. I’m an older person and have been feeling very well. Thank you Regen health care Supplements!

  57. Mr Dave Macdonald

    Great Customer Service This Propolis has become an essential part of my daily health regimen. With 30 servings per bottle, it offers great value for the price,

  58. Cindy king

    Bee propolis capsules have been a lifesaver for me! I used to dread traveling because I’d always end up sick afterward. But ever since I started taking these capsules, I’ve been feeling great even after long flights. Highly recommend!

  59. Peter Chotem

    “I’ve chosen bee propolis for cancer prevention because of its proven benefits. These capsules not only strengthen my immune system but also contain compounds that inhibit tumor growth. With bee propolis.

  60. Elsie Schrader

    It’s tasteless. But benefits

  61. Brian Curson

    good brand, good product!

  62. Dorothy Graham

    This stuff gives me gentle energy. I really appreciate that you offer it at good value and quality. No weird or intense flavors.

  63. Mrs. karen Hankins

    As someone with a weak immune system, I’ve tried numerous supplements to prevent getting sick while traveling. Bee propolis is by far the most effective one I’ve found. I no longer worry about catching a cold .

  64. MR Alexander Cocpa

    I have tried various remedies for my weak immune system, but nothing has worked as well as bee propolis capsules. Since incorporating them into my daily routine, These capsules are now a staple in my bag. (4star)

  65. Raghbir Dhaliwal

    These pills are awesome. Great for healing and natural anti biotic.


    I had high hopes for bee propolis for my arthritis, but unfortunately, I didn’t see much improvement. The capsules were easy to take, but they didn’t seem to have any noticeable effect on my pain or stiffness.

  67. Ron Macdonald

    Satisfied with the result


    Struggling with shingles was one of the toughest challenges I’ve faced, but bee propolis came to my rescue. Its natural anti-inflammatory and antiviral properties eased the discomfort and accelerated the healing process. Thanks to bee propolis, I found comfort and relief during a difficult time.

  69. Mrs. Millie Scott

    I had heard great things about bee propolis for arthritis, so I decided to give it a try. However, after taking the capsules for a while, I didn’t notice any change in my symptoms. It didn’t work for me as I had hoped.

  70. Lisa Krushelinski

    It is a good product to relieve sore throat and mouth infections.
    I prefer to use this natural product, instead of chemicals that harm my health and that of my children.
    The price is reasonable

  71. Sharon Yokanovich

    I ‘m satisfied with the product, effective

  72. MRS Jacob Frydman

    Trust bee propolis for cancer prevention because of its multifaceted benefits. Not only does it support a healthy immune system, but it also exhibits anti-cancer properties

  73. MR . Kerry Kokoszka

    The smell of bee propolis was overpowering and unpleasant. Despite its potential benefits, I couldn’t get past the strong, pungent odor ,It made me self-conscious and reluctant to continue using it.

  74. Samson Fernandes

    Very effective Product and feel great with my energy levels….

  75. Susan Mitchell

    This stuff really works! At the first sign of a scratchy throat or any twinge in an ear, we take this morning and night. By the next day, the symptoms are gone every time.

  76. Ms Inez Noseworthy

    Bee propolis has been a gentle yet effective solution for my stomach issues. Its natural healing properties help support a healthy gut lining and reduce nerve inflammation, providing relief from discomfort.

  77. Mrs. Sue Priest

    Its antioxidant-rich profile helps reduce oxidative stress and inflammation, providing relief from the discomfort associated with nerve conditions.

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