Regen Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10)


Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) is a nutrient that occurs naturally in the body. CoQ10 is also in many foods we eat. CoQ10 acts as an antioxidant, which protects cells from damage and plays an important part in the metabolism.

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CoQ10 has been used to treat many different conditions. There’s evidence that CoQ10 supplements can lower blood pressure slightly. CoQ10 is also used to treat heart failure and other heart conditions, possibly helping to improve some symptoms and lessen future cardiac risks when combined with regular medications.

CoQ10 has also been studied as a preventive treatment for migraine headaches, though it may take several months to work.

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Medicinal Ingredients (per capsule)
CoQ10 (Coenzyme Q10, Synthetic) 100 mg

60 Capsules per bottle



Take 1 capsule twice daily with plenty of water or as directed by a health care professional

  1. Lee Harding

    I’ve been using Coenzyme Q10 less than a month so, although I feel more energetic.

  2. Frances Kohlruss

    Haven’t noticed results yet after 3 weeks.

  3. mrs Elaine stina

    Delivery was smooth. First time trying this brand. Hope it works well.

  4. mrs Lynn Burke

    Thanks to my DR. recommendation, I’ve seen improvements in my symptoms, and I feel more secure about my heart’s future. Plus, the capsules are convenient to take, and the value is excellent.

  5. Anna Derksen

    Great deal for the money

  6. Mrs. Van Driesum

    Taking CoQ10 supplements may help boost energy levels and also help with my heart health by improving blood flow and reducing inflammation.

  7. Mr James Bertrand

    Noticeable improvements with my blood pressure and feeling a sense of relief around my heart with my first purchase, I decided to give this product another shot. And let me tell you, it’s been worth it! I’m thrilled to report that the positive changes.

  8. Anabelle Baulcomb

    Helps with muscle aches from statins

  9. Michael Budd

    Now this stuff HAS STOPPED MY MIGRAINES and before I was on Percocets daily and NO MORE.

  10. Kathy Blaine

    Worked great!

  11. Rose Lee

    Coenzyme Q10 is such an essential enzyme. It is excellent for the heart, for the blood and for the nerves in our bodies. If you suffer from neuropathy of any sort, one needs Coenzyme Q10 big time. It helps in stopping inflammation of the nerves and also healing of the nerves. It is a core essential enzyme. I recommend this product, it has been helping me.

  12. Douglas Richards

    high quality product as per usual with RegenHealthcare


    Coq10 has given me back the energy that I had lost

  14. Florence Gray

    Good to digest, I bought for my family to protect their cardiovascular.


    I’ve experienced firsthand the benefits of this product in managing my own health, particularly with my heart condition. Through persistent use.

  16. Mr John Paschakarnis

    Been using this for more than a year. My mom takes it daily while I use it to help recover from hard or long runs. I take it before long drives too to help stay alert.

  17. Nicol Warn

    Fair price for decent quality

  18. MR Phillip Eisenhauer

    I wouldn’t normally buy something like this from the internet but this was good value and contained everything i wanted in one supplement. Delivered quickly too. 

  19. Mr Loyd Tanton

    I’ve been order several times from this seller. But this time item seal was partially broken. However, i still gave a 4 star review. Pls pay attention next time. 

  20. Mark Walker

    This product has been a blessing for my Dad heart health. With persistent usage, we’ve noticed improvements in his condition.

  21. Barbara Guran

    CoQ10 gives me an incredible amount of relief from migraine pain.
    This is the best dose for pain

  22. Michael Clarke

    Does what it’s supposed to do!
    Great product, happy with Regen’s products.

  23. Janet Condon

    This was recommended by my cardiologist. The size of the capsule makes it easy to swallow and the numbers capsules in the container make it a good buy. My husband takes them too. 

  24. Mrs Tammy Samson

    “I’m not one to typically buy supplements online, but this CoQ10 product caught my eye for its unbeatable value and comprehensive formula. It’s like a one-stop-shop for all my needs. Plus, the prompt delivery exceeded my expectations!

  25. Helen Wallach

    Health Benefits are Enormous!
    Easy to take, doesn’t upset my GI tract.

  26. MRS Sharon Woods

    If you’re looking for a supplement to support your heart as you age, this is it! It’s like a superhero for cardiovascular health. Trust me, your heart will thank you.

  27. Jill Daneluk

    CoQ10 consistently supports my body. Thank you RegenHealthcare

  28. Ray Wenc

    CoQ10 Has helped me with blood circulation, and also with blood pressure , cholestrol. Happy with the product

  29. Maria Mykytowich

    I take two daily. Great product.

  30. MR Natale Iorio

    CoQ10 is indeed a bit pricey as a supplement.

  31. MRS Paulette Petley

    CoQ10 has become a staple in my daily routine, thanks to my cardiologist’s advice. Not only has it improved my heart health, but the size and quantity of the capsules also make it a smart buy. My spouse has hopped on board too, doubling the benefits. Can’t recommend it enough.

  32. Rotraut Rode

    It’s CoQ10 a great supplement take everyday great price and as always it arrived as committed

  33. Douglas Ferder

    Four stars because they are tasteless although they are small and easy to swallow


    This company is awesome! their stuff works great, and they send out orders really fast. Couldn’t ask for more.

  35. MR. Lillian McKenzie

    My Dad takes Regen CoQ10 ,He’s been on it for nearly two years and it’s his daily ritual. According to him, it’s the best out there. No fuss, just great results. And he’s never had a single issue with it.


    Before taking this product, my triglyceride and total cholesterol were high and my LDL cholesterol was low. After taking this product for more than a month, they were completely restored. 

  37. Mrs Sheri Westergard

    I have been a longtime user of this product, but the availability has been a rollercoaster ride. It’s disappointing when it’s not available consistently.

  38. Hyacinth Whiteman

    Great product

  39. Mr Dale Manton

    The package size and quality of this product are great. I do wish there was more detailed information.

  40. MR.Colin Montgomery

    I’ve tried many supplements, but this one takes the cake! It’s perfect for maintaining my heart health as I age. Plus, it’s like a shield against the wear and tear of stress and aging on my heart and blood vessels.

  41. Miss Tania Cooper

    It’s like a little boost that keeps my heart ticking smoothly and my cholesterol levels in check. Definitely worth every penny.

  42. MR. Barry Buzit

    The benefits of this product for Dad’s heart condition have been evident with consistent use., I’m convinced that based on our positive results, he should consider recommending it to others facing similar health challenges.

  43. Shirley Gardiner

    “I’ve been using this product for a while now, and I can feel the difference in my heart health.

  44. Ray Cardy

    I’m incredibly impressed by the exceptional quality of this CoQ10 supplement. It’s absolutely vital for our health, and I’m thrilled to have discovered such a reliable product.

  45. Mr Codwyn Brathwaite

    Bought this for my grandmother, and now it’s a staple for her. She’s singing its praises, saying she feels a lot better since starting it. And I was pleasantly surprised by how quick the service and shipping were. Big Thanks…

  46. Mrs Maryann Grivel

    I’m on my second round of using this product, and I must say, I’m impressed. Not only did I notice a decrease in my blood pressure, but I also felt a sense of relief from the tension around my heart, Now, I’m closely monitoring to see if these positive effects stick around. So far, so good!

  47. Margaret Readman

    Improvements in blood test, my health-care provider says CoQ10 is their most recommended for kidney health.

  48. Mrs Jennifer Zimmer

    CoQ10 is listed as the only ingredient in this product, his is the first time I have come across this form of capsules with q10.

  49. Karl Schwarz

    The package size and quality of this product are exactly what I was looking for. While more information would be nice.


    It is recommended that with repeated use the price must be reduced because it is very expensive.

  51. Mrs.Dori Jardine

    I’ve been using this product for a while now, primarily to support my heart health, and I’ve seen noticeable benefits with persistent use.

  52. Pauline Diduck

    I’ve never really been able to distinguish quality as far as CoQ10 with energy levels but the problem is I have taken CoQ10 for 10 years so I’ve never went without taking it.

  53. Mr Robert Kiefer

    21 century is trusted brand good product, I prefer my friend there are also happy .


    I’m very satisfied with it. I will order again. need more time the see its effect 

  55. Denelse Shandley

    I’ve been using this CoQ10 for a while now, and it’s been really good for me. One capsule a day, . Plus, the price is fair. I’ve tried a few products from Regen and Good value for money. Big thanks to Regen Health Care .


    Taking CoQ10 for four years has been a smart choice. It’s like fuel for my body, helping me feel more energized and balanced in my day-to-day life

  57. Mr Nicholos Cooksley

    I take it regularly and bought it already 4 times.

  58. Hamilton Rattan

    I’m really satisfied with this CoQ10 formula. I’ve been using various products from Regen, they’ve all been reliable.

  59. Mr Calvin Frook

    Great supplement helps me improve cognitive function. Could really feel the differences.

  60. Mr.Peckin paugh

    The package size and quality of this product meet my expectations. While I would appreciate more insight on the packaging, I’m satisfied with it.

  61. Mr Darren Hicks

    CoQ10 supplements have been a staple for me for two years now. They’ve made a noticeable difference in my overall well-being, giving me that extra boost I need to tackle each day with vitality.

  62. Mrs.Karin Patterson

    Bought it for my dad ,it help him to improve his energy.  .

  63. Ken Chapple

    Very good.

  64. Mr. Jim Mackasey

    Taking CoQ10 for four years has been a smart choice. It’s like fuel for my body, helping me feel more energized and balanced in my day-to-day life.

  65. Mrs.Evelyn Robinson

    I’ve been loyal to this product for years now, but the availability has been inconsistent, which is frustrating. When it’s in stock, it’s great, but the on-and-off availability has been a letdown

  66. John Peters

    Awesome purchase! I was really happy to find such a high-potency CoQ10 supplement

  67. Pauline Diduck

    I’ve never really been able to distinguish quality as far as CoQ10 with energy levels but the problem is I have taken CoQ10 for 10 years so I’ve never went without taking it.

  68. mr Dale Lore

    I am on this for the past 4 years, just taking as a supplement for added advantage

  69. Mr John Richardson

    This REGEN CoQ10 supplement has exceeded all my expectations in terms of quality. Its significance for our overall health is undeniable, and I’m genuinely impressed.

  70. Mr Calvin Blackman

    After buying this product for my grandmother, she insists on sticking to it. She’s noticed a significant improvement in how she feels since taking it. And I must say, the service and shipping were impressively fast.

  71. SAMSON


  72. MRS Diana Westwick

    My husband pops one every day without fail. He says it’s like his little health secret. No side effects, just pure goodness. He’s been loyal to it for almost two years now, and not a single complaint.

  73. Mr Brain Watson

    Thanks to Estal, the expert in vitamin I’ve experienced remarkable benefits from this supplement. It’s truly made a difference in my health .

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